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the words of the great Anthony Johnson

all right, um, this is anthony johnson, finishin up.
what up ni***.
oh god, did i jus say ni***?
Okay, let me first of all start off by lickin the mic
*licks mic*
okay, thats good

im'a start off with leif holmstrand. Leif, ur the greatest, love you forever, cya later.

Chris Mendoza, dont like u cuz u mexican.
Chris Curtis, dont like u cuz u black.
Rogelio, dont like u cuz u asian.
Chris Peditto, no one like u.

And this is a msg to anybody who dont like Random Outburst.

You can suck all of our c***s

And also, sobun, its confirmed...

**edited cuz he said something mean**

These things had to be said
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I better hope chris is mexican..or why the Fuck do I bother!!
that was just a joke! I bother because I like his penis!
I saw his penis.. it's not all that
lol....I'm guessing yours is better eh?
sounds like a challenge to me...
ask him... he knows about the coochie crooks pepsi can. haha
omg..I know about that!!! hahahah I remember now..haha
thats right... I'm the man
dude yeah, no its not a pepsi can , its over,just stop ur done....
damn. period.
dude lick my ass... again.. *Treated!!!!*
shut up dumb bit *burn!*
wow.. U jus used one of my own sayings on me.. *walks away hurt and confused*